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Fixed Right or it's FREEtm

Our pledge to you is strong because our Technicians are among the highest trained and technically profficient in the country.  If we can't fix it right, we will provide you all of our efforts free of charge. That's our Guarantee because we know how valueable your TIME is.
To contact us for a Service Call or further information, please Contact Us, call (916) 944-3723 or email us at  

Preventative Maintenance

Routine Maintenence can be crucial in prolonging the life of any Heating and Cooling System as well as keeping those utility bills manageable.  

Did you know that even the slightest build-up of dust on your A/C's Evaporator Coil can increase utility costs by 25% and more.  Also, motors that are not lubricated can run hotter and draw more energy as well as cause premature failure.  Improper Freon level is another huge contributer to utility overpayment. Having A skilled professional check and adjust your A/C's refrigerant charge can increase comfort and drastically reduce that Summer electric bill.

If it has been a while since you have had a licensed technician perform a thorough maintanence and evaluation of your home's HVAC system, give us a Call. WE GUARANTEE that if you have us perform a tune-up on your system, you will save more than the cost of the tune-up IN THE FIRST YEAR through lower utility costs.

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